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I’ve been carving and painting signs for over twenty years and am still thrilled with the process and the product. The customer contact, creative design, and fabrication, keeps the work interesting. We welcome clients to come by and see work in progress. Sometimes we even make them work. Coffee isn’t free around out shop.
Prior to my commercial work, I wore the hat of a school teacher, (Art) in the public schools of New York, and Chicago. These were the best teaching jobs I ever had and they were also the most energy absorbing.

Most of my signs are a collaborative process with the client. We’ve found it helpful when a customer directs us to a particular sign they have seen, or a sample of what they want us to consider. This process is very creative and we encourage the customer to be involved. Once we have arrived at a general concept, and price, the really fun stuff begins.

My purpose in having this format is to give our future customers the opportunity to see the scope of our work and see if this is the kind of product they would be interested in.

I am convinced that quality signage is a bargain. They last for years and pay dividends.

Feel free to call with questions,

Joe Crumley